Unicom Chemist has 7 wholesales

We believe in the principles of honesty, accountability, discipline, customer satisfaction and transparency. These values guide our day to day operations with our partners, customers and everyone we are privileged to serve.

Unicom Chemist Limited wholesales provide one stop shop for all pharmaceutical products. The wholesales are well designed to allow customers to pick and choose whichever products they are looking for. We stock wide range of both top local and international brands which gives our clients the assurance of quality anytime they buy from our wholesales.

With seven wholesale branches spread across the country, Unicom Chemist Limited brings to live its mission of providing quality healthcare solution at affordable prices.

Our wholesales are managed by competent staffs who see to it that the needs of customers are met. We lead with excellent customer service and our clients are always eager to return to do business with us.


Unicom Chemist Limited is a leading distributor and sub distributor for major global pharmaceutical companies. We are the sole distributors for Essity, the manufacturers of Tena incontinence products, BD Insulin needles, Kimi pharma and Intas Pharmaceuticals. We are also distributors for Imres, Wuhan Pharma, SG Pharma, Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals

For the past 15 years we have led the way in distributing pharmaceutical products to all parts of the country using state of the art delivery system and well-structured delivery channel. This guarantees that the integrity of the products are maintained up to the point of delivery.

We use well equipped vehicles designed for the delivery of pharmaceutical products to ensure that cold chain items are kept properly as they are conveyed across the length and breadth of the country. In areas that are inaccessible,the Company is able to make suitable arrangement feasible with the health facility to enable them receive their products. This has given us a golden mark when it comes to distributing of pharmaceuticals in Ghana.

We have well stocked branches and knowledgeable Personnel in the regions, Unicom Chemist reaches the hinterlands with quality medication. Having well trained salesmen that crisscrosses the country, Unicom Chemist Limited reaches every health facility in the country with quality and affordable medicines.

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